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Looking for a great value bedwetting alarm with a vibration mode? This might be a good pick…

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The Good

The Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It has basic features including a vibration mode for nights you don’t want to wake up other children. Because of it’s simplicity it’s very reliable.

  • Great value
  • Reliable
  • Vibration mode

The Bad

Because of it’s low price point it’s not very advanced. The wires and alarm on the collar make it less comfortable to wear. The switches to change between modes are extremely difficult to reach and there’s not much fun for the child.

  • Not very comfortable
  • Difficult to switch between modes
  • No gaming element for kids

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a cost effective bedwetting alarm, this one might be a good pick. Make sure to read the full Wet Stop 3 review so you’re aware of the pros and cons!

Full review of the Wet Stop 3

We ordered the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm in the green color from Amazon. We tested all of it’s features for 30 days with our child that wets the bed.

For this low price point we didn’t expect much, but we have been surprised by it’s effectiveness.

What is in the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm starterskit

  • Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm
  • Wet Stop 3 cord with sensor
  • Reward chart with stickers
  • “The Complete Bedwetting Book” download
  • Manual in 6 languages

How does the it work?

Like most other alarms, the Wet Stop 3 makes use of the bedwetting bell and pad technique, also known as the bedwetting alarm method.

Scientific research around the globe has proven that a bedwetting alarm has superior effectiveness when it is compared to other methods like the use of prescription drugs.

When a child wets the bed, the bedwetting alarm detects the urine and wakes up the child.

The Wet Stop 3 sensor

The user attaches the sensor to the underwear by use of a small clip. When the underwear becomes wet, the sensor is triggered and sends a signal to the alarm.

The Wet Stop 3 alarm

Whenever the alarm receives a signal from the sensor, it wakes up the child.

This bedwetting alarm can be set in three modes:

  • Audio & Vibration
  • Audio only
  • Vibration only
When your child has a sleepover, the “vibration only” mode can be particularly useful.

The Wet Stop 3 cord

The sensor and alarm are connected by a 1 ft. long cord. For your child’s comfort, we recommend wearing a t-shirt or pajama over the sensor cord.

Wet stop 3 bedwetting alarm and sensor

Available colors

Another attributing key factor to achieving dry nights is your child’s motivation. Research shows that motivated children have far greater chances achieving nightly continence. For that reason Wet Stop 3 has designed their bedwetting alarm in three playful colors: green, pink and blue.

These different colors are a great way to empower your child when starting the bedwetting alarm method. By including your child in the color selection, he or she has a stake in utilizing the method to find success!

Wet stop 3 green bedwetting alarm
Wet stop 3 pink bedwetting alarm
Wet stop 3 blue bedwetting alarm with replacement cord

Price and availability

The Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm is sold through multiple online channels. We made an overview so you can choose your favorite store.

Wet Stop 3 on Amazon

Since this bedwetting alarm is included in the Prime program, you might be interested buying the Wet Stop 3 on Amazon. A no-hassle return is included.

Wet Stop 3 on Walmart

Do you shop at Walmart? They sell the Wet Stop 3 online. With a 30 days return policy and free shipping, you’re in for a good deal.

Wet Stop 3 on Ebay

Like the other online stores, Ebay offers free shipping and fast delivery when you buy the Wet Stop 3. The seller doesn’t accept any returns.

Amazon Walmart Ebay



Delivery costs


Delivery time

2-3 days
4 days
3-5 days


Not accepted

Wet stop 3 blue bedwetting alarm Blue color

Wet stop 3 pink bedwetting alarm Pink color

Wet stop 3 green bedwetting alarm Green color

Not for sale

How to use the Wet Stop 3?

This bedwetting alarm works on two AAA batteries that are not included in the starterskit. Make sure you have them at home before you receive your order!

When your child is ready to go to bed, turn on the bedwetting alarm by pressing the white button for two seconds. Then attach the sensor clip to the outside of the child’s underwear. Run the wires under the pajama and attach the Wet Stop 3 alarm to the collar of the pajama.

It is always smart to do a trial test by wetting your fingers and putting them on the sensor of the alarm. Depending on the mode it will make a sound, vibrate or both.

How to turn on the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm


Different alarm tones

The alarm is programmed to play 5 different tones randomly to make sure the child doesn’t get accustomed to the sound. 

Overall we’re not big fans of the alarm sounds. They are a bit dated.

It would have been great if we could have selected which of the 5 alarm sounds play.

Different modes

Surprisingly the alarm packs an interesting feature some of the more premium alarms don’t even offer!

You can choose between three different alarm modes: audio only, vibrate only or both. It is nice to pick the mode that works best for your child and the situation he/she is in.

A great example where this feature comes in handy are sleepovers. Most children feel embarrassed that they still wet the bed. They rather not let their little friends know.  By using the vibration mode on the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm, your child will be woken up discreetly so there is less risk for embarrassment.

Wet stop 3 bedwetting alarm switching mode

Battery performance

As we often see with bedwetting alarms on the lower end of the price spectrum, batteries were not included.  If you do not know that in advance it can delay how quickly you can start using the alarm.  However, they are clear that batteries must be purchased separately.

Because batteries tend to have different levels of performance, Wet Stop 3 advises to use A-level brands like Energizer and Duracell. We used fresh Duracell batteries. 

After inquiring with their customer service via email, we have been advised that the batteries in the alarm will need replacement every 2 to 3 months.  All in all very reasonable.

Wet Stop 3 replacement cord

In case you run into issues with the supplied cord, Wet Stop 3 offers a replacement cord, for purchase. However, the replacement cord is generic and not color coded to the alarm you previously purchased. It is only available in white. You can purchase the Wet Stop 3 replacement cord on Amazon for $12.00, which we feel is a bit expensive compared to the price of the full alarm kit.
Wet stop 3 replacement cord with sensor
Wet stop 3 progress chart bedwetting calendar diary

Is the Wet Stop 3 fun for children?

We say it again and again: in order to make the bedwetting alarm method work it is important your child is engaged and motivated.

When opening the package we found two stickersheets and a progress calendar printed on a single sheet of paper. One stickersheet has golden stars and the other has silver.

At a first glance it felt a bit underwhelming, but we wanted to give it a fair chance. The game rules are as follows: for every dry night the child has, they get a gold star. For every night the child uses the alarm but doesn’t succeed, a silver star is given.

Even in this modern time of apps and smart televisions, our child became enthusiastic from the game element and was more motivated!

How does it help the parents?

The bedwetting alarm method asks a lot of efforts from the parents. Every time the alarm goes off, the parents are expected to wake-up and support their child. Some brands try to alleviate this burden.

Ability to hear the alarm

When the alarm goes off, the parent should go to their child’s room and make sure they wake up. By being woken up, the child learns to properly react to signals of a full bladder.

Some brands sell an additional alarm which parents can put in their room to make sure they hear the sound. This is not the case with the bedwetting alarm of Wet Stop 3.

When the parent’s room is on another floor, they might not hear the alarm. This could compromise the effectiveness of the method.

Keeping track of wet and dry nights

One smart thing about the Wet Stop 3 is that they implemented a bedwetting calendar to their gamification. Additionally, to motivate the child it helps parents to keep track on how their child is progressing.

Keeping in mind that other brands use mobile apps and internet portals, this is a very basic way of keeping track. But given it’s price point, we think this is perfectly acceptable.

Our advice is to keep track of more information than only dry and wet nights. By keeping track of the time of the accident, daily water intake etc, you gain a better understanding of potential problems.

We made an extensive overview that you can download and print out.

Ease of use

All in all, we’re very split on the ease of use of the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm. On one side it’s an effective bedwetting alarm. But on the other side you see that there are less available features to keep the cost low.


Let’s be honest, wires running over your child’s body is far from ideal. Generally children find it to be uncomfortable and it often compromises the quality of sleep.

Attaching the alarm

The alarm is difficult to attach for two reasons. Firstly the alarm is heavy and just doesn’t sit well. Secondly the clip is cheaply constructed and therefore difficult to open.

Changing the mode

While this cost effective alarm does feature 3 different modes, the ease in which to change them is not user friendly.

The switch is placed on the inside on the printed circuit board. We had a lot of difficulties finding it because it requires the batteries to be removed. We made a video to show you how to switch between modes. 

You can clearly see the poor placement of this important switch.  The other down fall of this design is that the batteries have to be taken out every time you wish to switch modes.

How to change the sound mode on the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm


Reliability of the Wet Stop 3 bedwetting alarm

After weeks of testing we haven’t experienced any major issues with the Wet Stop 3’s reliability. The alarm didn’t go off a few times after an accident occurred. We suspect that we misplaced the sensor.

Even though we haven’t experienced any major issues with this bedwetting alarm, a substantial amount of reviews circulate where the product just stops working. This can be very inconvenient, but should be covered by their ‘no hassle’ return policy.

Final verdict of the Wet Stop 3 review

All in all the Wet Stop 3 is a great value bedwetting alarm for parents with a small allocated budget or who just want to test the waters. Because of it’s price point you can’t expect a clever design, a nice sounding alarm or the best ease of use, but that’s not the goal of the Wet Stop 3. 

This bedwetting alarm is designed to do the job for a competitive price.

  • Children that wet the bed are often also deep sleepers. The vibration mode is a great feature to have for children who will not typically wake up from a sound.
  • Compared to the competition, the battery life is great. You get 2-3 months out of a set of AAA batteries.
  • Engaging the child with the bed wetting chart increases their motivation to get as many gold stars as possible which results in dry nights.
  • Even though the volume of the bedwetting alarm is not very loud, it should do the trick for most of the users.
  • The clips that are used to attach the sensor and the alarm to the clothing were difficult to operate and damages the pajama easily. Even though wired bedwetting alarms are less favored, the wire had the right thickness and flexibility.
  • Because the alarm will only sound on the child and not in the parents room, unless the parents sleep close by it will be difficult for them to hear it sound and be able to go to support their child.

Currently $32.99

What our readers ask

Yes you can! No need to buy an entire new bedwetting alarm in case your Wet Stop 3 sensor cord stopped working.  

The best alternatives for the Wet Stop 3

Less expensive

Not less expensive, but on the same price level; you might want to look at the DryEasy bedwetting alarm. This alarm has an armband so you can attach it to your child’s arm. Much more comfortable.

More expensive

Our favorite so far is the Dri Sleeper Eclipse bedwetting alarm. This alarm works without wires and is easy to use. As a result of this comfort, your child will have a far better experience.


We made an overview of the best wired/wearable bedwetting alarms. Compare them all here.

Bed alarm pad

Bed alarm pads are a great alternative for body worn devices. Find a full overview here.

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